Request Letter For a Job Letter


Mr. Gregg Gilford

H.R. Manager,

Julia Dr,

Waco, Texas – 45218

April 03, 2012


Dear Sir,

I am Kathy Rowell, a resident of Waco. I wish to apply for an open position in your reputed company. I am interested in the position of ‘Project Manager’.

I meet all the requisites mentioned in your job advertisement. I maintained a good academic track during my school and college education. Post my graduation in ‘Computer Science’, I joined a special workshop conducted on the particular computer application this job profile deals with.

I gained valuable information and enhanced my knowledge about this new program through this workshop. I was trained by one of the best computer science faculties in the city. I also have the knowledge of many other computer programs and languages.

With my previous employers, I worked on many live projects in different programming languages. Now, I want to utilize my knowledge and experience in your company.

I possess good communication skills. I am a self-motivated person, a team player and, I complete my work in timely manner.

I look forward for your reply and work with you.



Kathy Rowell

Ph. 526-458-7456

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