Letter of Resignation Letter


Mr. Tim Logan

Personnel Manager
New Map Technologies

March14, 2012




Dear Mr. Logan,

I want to submit my resignation from the post of Sr. Exe. –Sales in this company. I plan to leave on the June 20th of this month. So, I am serving my notice in advance for two weeks as the official requirement in my appointment letter.

Actually, my husband has been transferred to New York last week and, I cannot live here alone.

I really loved working here all these years, and really appreciate the atmosphere of this workplace. And, this is the reason I would keep working for this company at any other location, but unfortunately, our company does not have a branch in New York City. So, resignation is the only option for me.

Apart from my other colleagues here, I am going to miss you too. I would really welcome future communication between us. I will be mailing you my contact details once I get there.

If there is any pending paper work regarding my resignation, please do inform me and I will do the needful.


Yours sincerely,

Brenda Trump

(Sr. Exe. –Sales)
New Map Technologies

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