Romantic Letter to Husband Letter

My Love Jimmie,


On this very special day of our marriage anniversary, I decided to write this letter to you. It has been really a long time since we came closer to each other.

We were young and crazy when we met years ago. I liked your caring attitude, and you fell for my blue eyes and smile. After so many years of our relationship, I do not regret marrying you in any way.

We faced so many problems like all other couples and saw countless ups & downs post our marriage, but we both managed to handle things with each other’s love & care.

I always admire your strength and the way you take care of all family members.

It has been a pleasing experience loving you and to be loved by such a wonderful man, that you really are.

I am very proud that I got an understanding & loving husband like you. You gave me everything and made my dreams a reality.

You always made me feel special. I will love you for all my life.


With all my love,


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