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Romantic Letter


Writing a romantic letter is a great way to express someone’s feelings for a beloved one. It has been the most widely used medium to convey love messages since ages.

A romantic letter is written to share your love, affection, care and inner feelings for a person you are in love with.

This is not a business letter, its personal, so there is no format for it. This letter is a great way for sending your love and warmth to your beloved one. One can share their deep emotions through a romantic letter.

A romantic letter can be poetic, funny or, serious. For a romantic letter, there cannot be any rules to follow. But, of course, there are many useful tips that can help you write a beautiful romantic letter.


There is no need to make it look ‘attractive’, as this not a professional letter, you are conveying your deep feelings and thoughts for a person you like. And, the only way to make it written well is write it from the bottom of your heart, expressing your true feelings, never fake in a romantic letter.

Using love quotes from movies, poems or other source is perfectly fine while writing a romantic letter. However, never try to copy other’s word to word way of expression. It deprives your letter from originality which is the beauty of a romantic letter.

Selecting a good salutation is required to express the love in the very first line of the letter. It should be personal and heart-touching.

It really makes a romantic letter beautiful when you write it in a poetic way. Using excerpts from other’s poems or writing few lines on your own is fine.

Always compliment your loved one in a letter for the things you really appreciate in them. Write about the most important thing you like in your loved one and how it makes your relationship stronger.

And, never use complicated words in a letter, it will clearly give an impression that you have copied someone else’s letter & it puts the genuineness in question? Use simple and generous words for your love letter.

Writing a great romantic letter is only requires pouring your heart out on a piece of paper. The only one important thing you require for a beautiful romantic letter is to write it from your inner core. It will help you write a true heart-wining romantic letter.

You can write this letter to your loved one on occasion like birthday, anniversary etc., or you can also simply pen down when true emotions come out of your heart. In fact, there is no need to wait for a special day to give your loved one a romantic letter, you can write a letter when you feel your heart is open for expression of your feelings.

Last, but not the least, choosing a particular time to write a romantic letter is also very important – always write a romantic letter in alone when you are open to yourself.

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