Press Release New Product Letter

Press Release: New Product


[DATE, ex. Saturday, February 4, 2012]




[MENTION ABOUT THE PRODUCT NAME AND ITS CUSTOMER FUNCTION IN BRIEF, ex. The Power+ compressor provides double the throughput at half the price of conventional refrigeration compressors.]


[COMPANY NAME, ex. Global Manufacturing Industries] is pleased to introduce the new [PRODUCT, ex. Power+ compressor] as addition to its product line. [MENTION POTENTIAL CLIENTS, AND BENEFITS OF THE PRODUCT, ex. Designed for use in cooling devices such as refrigerators and air conditioners, the Power+ gives manufacturers a significantly cheaper and quality alternative to conventional compressors.]  {TELL THE HISTORY OF THE PRODUCT, ex. The new Power+ compressor represents a natural ecological evolution of the old compressor, introduced and used over five years ago, which quickly became the industry standard because of its exceptional longevity and efficiency.}


[MENTION THE SALIENT CHARACTERISTICS, ex. By utilizing lighter and more durable ceramic components, the power+ is able to provide almost double the airflow of other compressors in its class.  Furthermore, the unconventionally compact design and consequent reduction in material enables the power+ to be priced 50% cheaper than competing compressors. It will reduce the cost of the product significantly.]


For detailed information on the [PRODUCT, ex. Power+ compressor], please feel free to contact [COMPANY, ex, Global Manufacturing Industries] at [ADDRESS / TELEPHONE NUMBER, ex. 34/ U- I8, Lake Resorts, Ottawa, Canada, 1-600-444-2134.]

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