Thank You For Press Exposure Letter

Thank You for Press Exposure


[DATE, ex. Thursday, February 2, 2012]




Sean Peterson


123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code]


Dear [Name, ex. Seam Peterson],


It is a pleasure to be [NATURE OF EXPOSURE, ex. quoted] by your [PUBLICATION HOUSE, ex. newspaper], [PUBLICATION, ex. Daily Chronicle]. I am privilege and would like to thank you for this opportunity.


{“ADVERTISE” FOR MORE PRESS EXPOSURE, IF POSSIBLE, ex. Since your article touched upon the use of telecommunication devices in education sector, I believe you may be interested to know that our firm is a supplier of such devices to several major educational institutions in the XYZ area. I would be pleased to discuss this with you in detail.}

I can be reached at 345-695-0042 or [email protected]. Looking forward to the great opportunities together.


Yours faithfully,


[SENDER’S NAME, ex. Bob Travolta]

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