Sample Scholarship Letter Format


Recipient’s Name
Recipient’s Designation
College Name
College Address

Re: Scholarship application for ABC College, Texas, First Year Science Stream.

Salutation (Name),

First Paragraph: People are bound to read this letter in a hurry. They have lots of scholarship letters to go through. The idea in the first paragraph is to make it brief and to the point so that your intention is clear from the first word.

Second Paragraph: Remember that your fate is completely depended on this scholarship letter. Extra care should be taken while writing about your self. Write about your qualifications and aspirations. Explain to the college, that why you want to be a part of their esteemed reputation and also why you deserve to get the scholarship.

Last paragraph: Thank them for taking out time to read through your letter. Tell them that you are looking forward to be a part of their college.

Thank them in advance

Your name and date

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