Sample Landlord Statement Letter

Mr. Percy Jackson,

The Tenant,

No. 4 Baker Street, London

January 22, 2012

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I have received your letter stating the damage of the plumbing in the kitchen on 19.01.2012. You had asked me to repair the damages at the earliest. I am sorry but due to personal reasons I will be unable to repair the damage or find a suitable person who repairs plumbing anytime sooner.

However you may get it repaired and get a new system installed if necessary with a plumber or your choice. You would have to pay for the manual labor and the materials required. I would deduct the same amount from your rent over a period of few months depending upon the evaluated cost of repair.

Please get the cost of repair and manual labor estimated and send me an official of it. I will be eagerly waiting to hear from you and send you my approval.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Nicholas Brandon.

The Landlord

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