Complaint Displeased With Service Letter

Complaint: Displeased With Service –


[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],

I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction with your company.


–          [Describe here the incident of bad service].


{For instance} –

I placed an order for [item name & quantity] with your company on [date]. I was told that I will get the delivery of goods by [date]. Now, it has been over a month, and I am yet to receive the goods I ordered.

I contacted your staff so many times & asked information about my order, but nobody gave me a satisfactory answer.

I want to tell you that having heard a lot about your company in the past, I decided to deal with you and was planning a long term business relationship. But, regrettably, nothing like that is going to happen in the future after receiving this kind of experience.

I heard good things about your company, but I really did not come across any commendable experience. I am highly disappointed.




[Your name & Designation]

[Company name]

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