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Billing Statement Letter

Sample Billing Statement Letter

by emily on April 18, 2012

January 22, 2012

Cant Lever


221/18, North Avenue,



Dear Mr. Lever,

This is a letter of your billing statement of the merchandise you purchased at our store- Happy Stores yesterday. Since you pay us monthly for all your purchases via check we hope that you shall go through this letter prior to reading your billing statement.

We are offering a discount of 5% for all our regular customers on the total bill for the month of December 2012. Hence you shall be receiving this discount in this bill. Since the bill for this month has exceeded from the last 6 months, we have decided to give you a membership card for our store with which you can avail great offers at any time.

We hope that you shall inform us in case of any billing discrepancy. We hope that you shall give us a chance to serve you again.

Thanking you,


Dale Coring

Happy stores

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