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Character Reference Letter

Sample Character Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012

Character Reference Letter – A character reference letter, also known as personal reference letter, is written to recommend a candidate for a position in a company. The main objective of this letter is to advocate candidature of a person, stating that he/she possesses the qualities required for filling in an open position.


Sample Character Reference Letter –



Mr. Mario Phillips
Robert’s Antiques
255, Kings St,
New York, NY – 45265

June 10, 2012


To whom ever it may concern:

This is in reference to the job application of Mr. Henry Shields in your association.

I know Mr. Shields for the past five years. He was working as a ‘Curator’ under me at Robert’s Antiques.

I would like to say that I am very much impressed by the traits of Mr. Shields. While working for our company, he proved his worth many times, and helped and saved this organization from many troubles.

Henry is a well experienced curator. He possesses wide knowledge about antiques and restoration. He is also very creative and he would come up with new & innovative ideas that benefited our association in many aspects.

During his tenure, Henry proposed and implemented intelligent changes that have really worked for the betterment of our building and its contents.

He has got great people skills and he is very cooperative and helpful to everyone.

We would never let him go, but as he has made this decision, so we feel proud recommending him for a job. We are open for communication, should you need additional information about Mr. Fields.


Mr. Mario Phillips
(Robert’s Antiques)

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Sample Character Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012

Character Reference Sample Letter

Mr. Nick Thomas
Manager – Sales and Marketing
Universal Info Services
14, Peterson Place,
New York – 45213

July 14, 2012


To Whomsoever It May Concern

I am very pleased to recommend Mr. Eddie Harris whom I know for the last three years. He was working with me at Universal Info Services as a ‘Sr. Sales Executive’.

Mr. Harris possesses many qualities that make him a suitable candidate for a similar role in any company.

Eddie is really passionate about his work. He is a go-getter and a person who motivates others in his team. He is very professional and has a positive attitude towards his work.

He is very ethical and he proved it many times while working for our company. He was a loyal and trustworthy employee of our organization. I still remember one instance when he was offered financial gain by our rival company in return of some valuable information about our customers. Eddie, as expected of him, denied the offer and also informed the management about the incident, it really helped us a lot.

Eddie was very co-operative to his colleagues. He would help everyone in our company. He earned a special and respected place for himself in our company. He was awarded the ‘Best Employee of the Month’ many times.

So, I proudly recommend Mr. Eddie Harris for a job of his choice. You can contact me for any additional information about him in future.



Nick Thomas
Universal Info Services

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