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Cheque Book Request Letter

Sample Cheque Book Request Letter

by emily on April 6, 2012

Mr. Ted Hardin

Branch Manager,

American Syndicate Bank

Los Angeles, C.A. – 52174

April 12, 2012


Dear Mr. Ted Hardin,

I am Barbie Hooks, an account holder of your bank.

I became a customer of your Bank a few months back and, I am very much satisfied with your services so far.

However, my one request has not been addressed yet and it has been over a fortnight since I requested a check book from your branch. I submitted my check book application on around March 26th.

I have also phoned your Bank multiple times after I submitted my application, but no action has been taken yet.

So, I request you to please look into this matter and provide me with a check book.

My account number is –   456987.

Thank you for your attention into this matter.


Thanks and Regards,

Barbie Hooks

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