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Closing Statement Letter

Sample Closing Statement Letter

by emily on April 18, 2012

Ms. Claire McCarthy,


Softwood Software Designs


Timberline Avenue,


Fort Worth, Texas

Date: 22.01.2012

Dear Ms. McCarthy,

You had submitted a requisition form for the closing statement of the developed land property on 2130, Clarence Avenue, Arlington, VA 22261 on 15.01.2012.

You are required to submit some documents supporting your credentials along with the amount stated in the closing statement. Documents like the photocopies of social security card and passport are to be submitted on 01.02.2012. This should be accompanied with a recommendation letter from your employers. You will receive an official notice regarding the closing statement on 25.01.2012.

I have had the property evaluated and the estimated cost of the closing statement has come to be 59,456$. Please pay the aforesaid amount in due time. For any dire circumstances, where you are unable to pay the sum in time, please inform us ahead of time.

With Regards,

Geoffrey Lap


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