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College Reference Letter

Sample College Reference Letter

by emily on April 5, 2012


Dr. Eva Duncan
Newton College
45, Larry St., Oxford – OX8 4JN


Mr. Denial Peters
The Principal
Maxwell Science University
132, 5th Crossing, D-Block,
London – SW4 3MJ

12th March, 2012


Dear Mr. Peters,

This is to certify that Steve Parson is a student of our institution, ‘Newton College’.

During his academic terms in the degree course of B.Sc., he completed many projects related to his field. And, he topped his class in every semester.

Steve is a very talented and ambitious student. After his graduation in three months from now, he wants to go for higher studies. He wants to complete his Masters from your prestigious university.

Steve is a brilliant student, but his financial condition is not really well, so I recommend him for your institute’s scholarship program. He really deserves it.

If you need any additional information about Steve Parson, please feel free to contact me.



Dr. Eva Duncan

Newton College

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