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Copy of Resignation Letter

Copy of Resignation Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012



Mr. Armand Cook,


General Manager
New Heaven Resorts


Chicago, IL – 45254


July 03, 2012




Dear Mr. Cook,

Please accept my resignation letter from the position of ‘Font Office Manager’.

I am serving a notice period of two weeks in advance as required by me. I will handover the company belongings to the office in one or two days. I will be leaving on July15, 2012.

I have been offered a new challenging opportunity at ‘Carlson Resorts’, Miami, Florida.

Further, I would like to mention here that I learned a lot while working for this organization. I have professionally achieved so much here. I always received the co-operation of the whole staff.

I will make sure that I guide my successor in a well manner. And, I will take care of all the pending works that are supposed to be finished during my tenure.


I really appreciate your attitude towards the employees of this company. I would like to stay in touch with you. My contact details are –

[email protected] and, my mobile no. is – 4224568791.


Yours sincerely,

Raphael Murphy

(Front Office Manager)


New Heaven Resorts

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