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Graduation Thank You Letter

Graduation Thank You Letter

by emily on April 26, 2012

Mrs. Sandra Simon

1239, South Plaza,


New York, USA

Dear Mrs. Sandra,

Thank you so much for being present at my graduation party held on February 8, 2012. I am so delighted that you could come and be a part of my small success. You have been my favorite teacher throughout my college session.

You have always been my inspiration for being a kind and generous person. You are my idol and I have learnt a lot from you which I certainly will teach to others too. I am so glad that you came all the way from New York to Boston for giving blessing to me and I hope your journey was comfortable and you are not too tired. I loved the pen set you have given me. I like it very much and it is a perfect gift for me on my graduation day. As I discussed with you I am going to London for my further studies.

As always I am just a phone call or mail away, Please do keep in touch.

Your kindness is highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Thompson

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