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How to Quit a Job Letter

How to Quit a Job Letter

by emily on April 9, 2012

Resignation Letter –


When a person wants to quit a job, it means that he/she is ending a professional relationship with a company, and that it is conclusive.

And, when a person wants to resign from the job, it should be done in an official manner – by submitting a resignation letter.

It does not matter whether you work in a lower position or a higher position, your resignation should be submitted in a professional way that is submitting a resignation letter.

Your resignation letter should be formal, looking professional with no typing errors.

In order to receive good words of appreciation in your relieving letter, it is required that a resigning employee should have worked in a satisfactory manner for a company. It seals a good relieving letter mentioning your attributes that helps greatly for grabbing your next job.

During the notice period, which is a mandatory condition for resigning from a job, an employee should complete all the pending tasks. It is good for both the company and the leaving employee.

Also, inform the colleagues about your resignation and your last working date, so they can help you with the pending assignments and can manage things in office.

Finally, refer to your organization’s official guidelines regarding employee resignation. All companies have different set of policies about employee resignation. So, it is good to go through the guidelines in order to fulfill all the formalities of your company.

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