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Interview Follow up Thank you Letter

Interview Follow up Thank you Letter

by emily on April 26, 2012

Ms. Laura Atkinson

Personnel Manager

Larson & Co,


D- South Society, Garden Road,


Ottawa, Canada

Dear Ms. Laura,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sparing your valuable time to discuss the market analysis of Larson & Co. with me after my interview for Marketing Analyst on last Thursday. I am so thankful to you and also appreciate that you took out your valuable time and consideration for reviewing my profile and interviewing me for this challenging position. I am very energized and confident to join your company. I want to assure you that I will use all my skills and knowledge to turn as an asset for this company.

As I mentioned that I have worked as a Marketing and business associate in the Vincent Industries, which gave me a wonderful experience and knowledge. I will be moving to Ottawa next week to my permanent residence.

I would like to stay in touch with you to get confirmation date to join in Larson & Co.

Yours faithfully,

Tim Williams

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