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Landlord Recommendation Letter

Sample Landlord Recommendation Letter

by emily on April 4, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:


This is to confirm that Mr. Mark Taylor was a tenant of our property. He was living here for three years.

He is of good conduct and all the residents in the neighborhood were always happy with him. He used to keep the house very clean. Also, his pet ‘Bruno’ never created any problem for us. I received the rent regularly every month and in time.

I can confidently say that he is an ideal tenant for any landlord. He has a very pleasing personality and of good nature. He is also a social person with strong moral values. He is honest and very ethical.

You can contact me for any further information about Mr. Taylor. My telephone no. is 254-412-41225.

You can give him your property without any doubts. You will be pleased with this great experience too.



Joseph Peterson

78, Marie’s Residential Society

New York – 41256

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