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Official Resignation Letter

Official Resignation Letter

by emily on April 10, 2012


Mr. John Formosa

The Director,
Florida Technical Institute

March, 16, 2012


Dear Mr. Formosa,

I hereby resign from my position of ‘Sr. Faculty’ at Florida Technical Institute’.

As per the company policy, I am serving a notice period of one month.

Further, I would like to say that my remaining time in this institute sufficiently allows me to complete my ongoing research. I will hand over my responsibilities to my successor and will guide him about the general procedures of this foundation.

While working at this great institute, I learned many valuable things in my career. I came across great experiences and opportunities and I will be always grateful to this institute.

I am personally thankful to you for encouraging me and guiding me at every step of my career in this institute.

After leaving this great workplace, I want to explore other interests in my life. I plan to look for a suitable opportunity in wildlife expedition.

At last, I again thank this institute and the whole staff for helping me to expand my knowledge and reach the position where I am today.


Thank you.

Yours’ sincerely
Dr. Betty Foster
(Sr. Faculty)

Florida Technical Institute

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