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Personal Loan Agreement

Sample Personal Loan Agreement Letter

by emily on December 22, 2011


Mr. Steven Porter,

56D, Prime Apartments,

Parkinson Street,

South Carolina


Mr. Angelina Park,

Bank Manager,

ABT bank,

South Carolina

Dear Ms. Park,

I am writing this letter with regards to the personal loan agreement which I wish to enter with your bank. The bank has approved my application for personal loan and I would like to thank you for the same.

Kindly let me know the legal formalities that are required to be fulfilled and also send me a list of documents that I need to send you.

I wish to hear your word in this context at the earliest so that the legal procedure for the loan agreement can be completed at the earliest and I shall get access to the loan amount as soon as possible.

I am expecting that the needful shall be done.

Yours faithfully,

Steven Porter

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