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Retirement Notice Letter

Retirement Notice Letter

by emily on April 11, 2012

Mr. James Lay


Victor Enterprises,

Dear Mr. James,

I am writing this letter to give additional notice of one month for my retirement from the designation of Manager- Sales from Victor Enterprises. As you know that my tenure is almost over with this association and only one month is left. I have spent almost 15 years of my life in this organization, sometimes, as an employee and sometimes as a head.

My experience with this company was amazing. Thank you for the personal and professional development opportunities you have provided to me during my tenure. I will never forget this company after my retirement. Everyone always has given me their full support and cooperation. And I am very thankful to all of you.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call on 123 456 7890 for any help or assistance required from me.

Wishing all the best you and tons of success to all of you at Victor Enterprises.


Mark Smith

Manager- Sales

Victor Enterprises,

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