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Romantic Letter to Wife Letter

Romantic Letter to Wife Letter

by emily on April 11, 2012

My Dear Wife,


It has been a long time since we met first and felt the same for each other.

I still remember that you were moving out of that popular eating joint of our city with your friends, you caught my attention and I directly approached you and told you about how I felt for you. You looked like an angel to me and I fell in love with you.

At that time, I had no idea you would become my life partner ahead. Today, I feel so lucky that I found you. You are special for me, and I cannot live without you.

Marie, if you were not with me, I would not have achieved so much in life. I still depend on you for many things in my daily life and I will not change it ahead as it keeps us closer and closer.

Even after all these long years, I love you so passionately and cannot think of any other person.

I will love you all my life.


Yours truly,

Melvin Andrews

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