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Sample Cover Letter to Small Claims

Sample Cover Letter to Small Claims Complaint Letter

by emily on March 3, 2012

[Your Name, & Address here]



[Recipient Name & address here]

[Date here]

Despite many correspondences to you from my side, I received no response from you.


Now, I have no other option left to me, but to appeal in the court for the damages you caused to my property.


Therefore, I have filed a complaint against you with the ‘Small Claims Court’. And, for your information, the court has scheduled the hearing of this case on [hearing date].

In case you would like to resolve this issue out before the beginning of this case in the court, I am open to a discussion with you. However, if I don’t hear from you or, we don’t find any solution to this issue, then I will head to the court.



[Your name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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