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Settlement Agreement

Sample Settlement Agreement Letter

by emily on December 22, 2011

September 20, 2011

Ms. Christina Wing
44, University Ave
Bloomington, IN 404887

Attention: Mr. Douglas Walter
Walter Debt Collection Agency
561, Kempty Drive, Bloomington, IN 40591

RE: Your letter September 18, 2011 reference account # 4400117520

Dear Mr. Walter

According to my records and your letter the balance of this debt is $ 5000. I am not disputing this debt however; my current financial situation prohibits me from paying the amount you’re demanding. I am able to make payments on this account every second Monday of a month to your company in the amount of $ 500.

I would appreciate a call from you confirming your acceptance of my payment terms. However, if I do not hear from you, I will consider your cashing or depositing my check as confirmation that you accept my payment terms. If you do not accept my terms then I expect the enclosed payment to be returned to me immediately in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelop.

As a show of good faith I’ve enclosed my first payment in the amount of $ 500. If my financial situation improves enough for me to increase my payment amount I will contact you immediately.

Thank you for understanding.


Christina Wing

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