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Statement of Account Letter

Sample Statement of Account Letter

by emily on April 18, 2012

January 22, 2012

James Lay


202 North Central Ave,


Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Dear Mr. Lay,

This is a statement of account letter for your account at our bank, Goodwill Bank. We have included your opening balance, your balance left in the account as well as the amount spent during various transactions.

This letter is sent just for the sake of checking that everything is running smoothly in your account. We request you to bring any kind of unusual activity to our notice, in case it occurs in your account. Your savings account had been opened on January 22nd 2011. This statement is for the month of December 2011 in the name of Mr. James Lay.

We have provided a list of transactions and sincerely hope that you shall report to the bank in case of a mistake in the same. This shall only help us serve you better.

Thank you!


Collins Dawson

General Manager

Goodwill Bank

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