Retirement Resignation Letter


The Chairman,

………………………. (Company’s Name)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Notice of Retirement/Resignation.

I would like to bring it to your notice that I have decided to retire/resign (Select one clause) from the organization from ……….. (Date) due to personal reasons unrelated to the working environment of the organization. I intend to pursue higher studies abroad to improve my qualifications.

I request you to relieve me of my charge with effect from the above date. I further request you to process the payment of my salary dues and gratuity as applicable to me. Also, please issue Employer’s Provident Fund Statement to enable me to collect my Provident Fund dues from the EPF Office.

I would like to thank the Company and my colleagues for the generous help and support given to me during my tenure of service in this organization.

I would like to convey my best wishes for the success and growth of the Company.

Yours faithfully,

Sender’s Name

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Teacher Resignation Letter


Mr. John Lennon

H.R. Manager
Morgan Inc.

London – SW23 7KG

28th June, 2012


Dear Mr. Lennon,

I am submitting my resignation letter.

I am serving a notice period of two weeks, fulfilling the company’s conditions for resignation. I will be working till July 12, 2012.

Further, I would like to say that my whole tenure was really full of gratification in this organization. This work place is an aspiration for all employees. People get to learn a lot of important & valuable things working for this company.

However, I am resigning due to some personal reasons that I really cannot share with you. I am really thankful to everything that I received working at such a great place.

I assure you that I will complete all my pending assignments before my notice period ends.

Thanking you.


Sincerely Yours,

Mary Joseph
(Office Assistant)
Morgan Inc.

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Standard Resignation Letter


Mr. Curtis Perkins

Personnel Manager
Super Fast Computer Services

London – JB25 6LG

28 March, 2012


Dear Mr. Perkins,

I hereby resign from my position of ‘Sales Manager’ at Super Fast Computer Services.

I will work for the next two weeks as a condition for my resignation. I will be leaving on 24 March, 2012.

I want to share it with you that I have accepted a job offer from ‘Futuristic Electronics’, London. I have been offered an interesting & challenging role. And, I am really looking forward to put my knowledge & abilities to test ahead.

I must say that it is the professional experience gained by me through this company that gives me confidence to accept new challenging opportunities. I learned here a lot and the knowledge I gained here is really invaluable for my career. However, I think that I have made a right decision for my career progression.

I will complete all the pending work during my transition. My contact details remain the same for future communications. You can contact me for information about anything I was working on.


Yours sincerely,

Troy Lane

(Sales Manager)
Super Fast Computer Services

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Resignation Letter


Mrs. Burlington,

H.R. Manager
Burlington Traders

Kansas City, MS -45263

August 10, 2012


Dear Mr. Burlington,

Please accept my resignation letter from my position of ‘Sales Executive’ in Burlington Traders.

I will be leaving the company on August 24, 2012, serving a notice period of two weeks as a mandatory condition for employee resignation.

Further, I would like to say that I benefited hugely while working for this company, both professionally & personally. With your training & guidance, I achieved success during my tenure in this company. The experience I got here has given me a great level of confidence to handle more responsibilities at any place I go in the future.

I really enjoyed working with such a great team.

I will hand over my responsibilities to my colleague Mr. Steve Norman during my notice period.

I wish the very best to this organization.



Marvin Reyes

(Sales Executive)
Burlington Traders

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Resignation Acceptance Letter


Mr. Rick Burner

Byres Accounts Chambers
London – SE23 4LJ


Ms. Martha Black,

Jr. Accountant
Byres Accounts Chambers
London – SE23 4LJ

22nd March, 2012


Dear Ms. Black,

This is in reference to your resignation letter dated 15th March, 2012.

I want to inform you that we have accepted your resignation letter and, the company will relieve you of your responsibilities by 14th March, 2012.

I have asked the H.R. department to clear your dues on your last working day. And, you will be issued your relieving letter & experience certificate.

On behalf of the ‘Byres Accounts Chambers’, I wish you the very best for your future endeavors.


With Best Wishes,

Rick Burner

Byres Accounts Chambers

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