Sample Admission Letter

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Harold Atkins

5156, Golden Ave

New York

September 20, 2011


Prof. Walter Simons


New York University

New York

Dear Mr. Simons

I am writing this letter in reference to my admission confirmation for the Masters degree in Mass communication from the New York University. While I am absolutely thrilled about this news, I would sadly like to defer my admission for the next academic year due to some financial restraints.

In the recession that hit our country vastly, my Father lost his job and hence we are going through some major financial crisis. I have also checked the available scholarship programs offered under my chosen degree, but unfortunately, the slots are already filled up. Hence, I need to wait for the next semester to have a chance to get a full scholarship.

I am really keen on studying Mass Communication from the prestigious New York University, therefore I am asking for your kind consideration.

Thank you,


Harold Atkins

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