Sample Agreement on Consulting Letter

1. McKinsey Consulting (hereafter called Contractor) agrees to give the following products and services to Shine Media Works (hereafter called Client):

A. Information gathering: Contractor can review the relevant information compiled by the Client:

1. Information on attendance of earlier events

2. Samples of the past promotional pieces or timely media & press coverage

3. Some samples of the past membership flyers

4. Financial information for the past few years

Contractor can also inquire on the availability of any market studies within the Texas area done by the government or other concerned companies.

Additionally, contractor can also confer by phone with the part-time coordinator and two or three Client board members to get their view of the issues facing Client.

B. Member Survey: Contractor shall design a single page membership survey, and the Client is responsible for the duplication of such including the task of sending them out to the members as well as tallying the responses.

C. Contractor will draft marketing materials that include but not limited to press releases, search engine optimization articles, and blog posts, among others.

2. Either Party may opt to end this agreement with 30 days’ written notice to the other party. In the event that the agreement is terminated, Contractor will provide Client a statement of account that will explain all of the fees that are paid up to that period of time.


For McKinsey Consulting:

___________________        Date: ________________

For Shine Media Works:

__________________          Date: ________________

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