Sample Rude Behavior Sorry Letter

Mr. Chris Kent,


3948 Tree Hill


West valley,Ohio

Dear friend,

I am extremely sorry for spoiling your birthday party. I know my behavior was not appropriate and you got to face embarrassment due to my conduct. I really feel remorseful for the way I behaved. I just not only beg for your apology but also for the guests present there.

I was not in a balanced state of mind from past few days due to some personal problems which resulted in letting me loose my control that night. I understand this is no excuse for spoiling your special night with your loved ones, but I still hope you will forgive me for my actions and try to understand me in my rough times.

If you forgive me, then please let me take you for a dinner treat and strengthen our bond again. Your friendship means a lot to me, please let us forget everything and keep our friendship forever. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.


Thanking you


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Please send the mail

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