Sample Brother Sorry Letter

Andrews Saunders

4 Roseville Appartment


9th May 2009.

Dear Andrews,

I am very sorry for not showing up on my niece’s birthday party last week. Also, I am very regretful for breaking my promise to bake cake for her. Actually due to some unavoidable work I had to stay for three extra days in Denver. And I returned the very same day of the party back to Los Angeles. Due to heavy load of work in Denver, I had sleepless nights and jetlag, so I just went to sleep as soon as I reached home.

I called my sister-in-law to arrange for a cake at a nearby confectionery shop, as when I woke up, I got extremely late to bake a cake. She made arrangements at the shop to decorate and deliver it at your place. I also managed to wire her money in an hour for the cake. I am extremely apologetic for not being there. I hope you would understand and forgive me.

Your loving sister



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