Sample Dismissal Appeal letter

Mr. Kenneth Nelson

Vice President- Internal Affairs

Nelson and Company Pvt. Ltd


Dear Mr. Nelson,

I received your letter yesterday notifying me of my dismissal from work.  I am writing to you to appeal for your consideration on the matter of my dismissal.  I am fervently hoping that you will reconsider your decision based on my good performance in the company.

I recognize that I made a violation of the company’s work ethics by using the office photocopying machine for personal use without your permission.  However, I believe that dismissing me is too grave a punishment for the minimal violation.  This offense was committed due to a moment of bad judgment since I really needed to photocopy important documents at the time.

Kindly provide me a chance to prove my side and if possible, please cancel my dismissal order. Your understanding in this regard will be highly appreciable.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Lee

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