Sample Client Appreciation Letter

Mr. A. Anand.

Senior Advocate

Mumbai High court

Chamber – E:109

89, D.N.Dixit Road

Mumbai 400 010

17th May, 2010

Dear Sir,

It was indeed a pleasure to have appointed you as our lawyer to fight the property dispute with the developer of our flat. It was equally pleasant to know that you have waived a portion of your legal charges. I am sure during the process of the court proceedings you must have undergone through my bank papers.

Actually, I had taken loan from bank before I had given the token money to the developer to buy this flat. This had escalated my monthly expenditure by a considerable proportion.

But this kind gesture from your end will definitely ease some of my financial burden. I am at loss of words to let you know what a relief and comfort you have brought in my life.

I will always remember you for this good deed.


Marurkh Khan.

Client No- WEF/1298/T

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