Employers Verification on Loan Applicant

TO: Applicant_____________________



Loan No.______________________

Escrow No.____________________




I have applied for a real estate loan to be made by (Name of Company) Savings and Loan Association.


I will really appreciate your completing the Employer’s Verification below for their confidential use and forwarding it to:


(Name of Company) Savings and Loan Association 2354 St. Avenue Lane, Washington DC.


I am thankful for your consideration and prompt reply, as it will avoid many delays.


Best Regards,







1. Entered your employ:_________________________________

2. Present Position:____________________________________

3. Present Monthly Salary: Gross Monthly Salary:_____


Bonus or Commission:______

How paid:_________________

4. If Applicant is in Military Service please report

income on a monthly basis as follows:

Base Pay_________ Quarters and Subsistence___

Flight or Hazard Allowance____________

5. Probability of Continued Employment__________________

6. Does Employee have Re-employment rights for:

Sick Leave?______ Maternity Leave?_________

7. Other Remarks:_______________________________________

The above is furnished in strictest confident to your



Date________________ Employer_______________

Employers Verification on Loan Applicant

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