Sample late payment received Collection Letters

Sender’s address

D- South Society,

Garden Road,
6 January 2012
<Mention recipient’s address>

Dear <Recipient’s name>

This is to inform you that we received your payment of <$amount> on invoice number <invoice number>. Unfortunately, payment from your end was delayed. Our policy clearly mentions that payment must be made before last date. <mention policy>.

Due to widespread business we’re forced to constantly monitor our cash flow. We need to maintain the quality of <type of products or services you provide> for which we are known, we need to ensure we must pay our suppliers, often before we can serve you.

From next, we would appreciate that you pay for all <products/services> in advance. We will be happy to review our position after <time period>. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to serving you in future also.

Warm Regards,

Sender’s name

encl: <mention list of enclosed items>


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