Sample Business Success Congratulations Letter

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Erica Gomez

563, Amityville,

New York 11701

June 25, 2012

563, Atlantic Beach,


Dear Rolando,

Yesterday I read the newspaper article published featuring your business as one fastest growing business in South Florida. I offer you my warmest congratulations on the success of your business!

Truly, being in the business for thirty years is evidence to the quality of your products and the resilience of your staff and employees.  You have efficiently learned the tricks of the trade as well as mastered your own techniques to prevail over the financial downturns experienced by the business sector in the past.  This demonstrates the dedication that everyone in your company has. You are very praiseworthy of this development in your business, knowing how much you work hard.  I know you will reap more triumph in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Erica Gomez

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