Sample Congratulations Birth Letter

Mr. Donald Wilson,

15, Stalk Lane, Pantaloon Street,





Mo: 957-779-4569

11th February, 2012


Mr. Frank Peterson

501, Apple Valley,





Mo: 957-486-4856

Dear Frank,

It fills me with joy to know that you’re blessed with a baby girl. My heartiest congratulations to you and Rosy on the birth of an angel. I hope that both mother and new born baby are doing fine.

I know you also must be very excited as this is the start of a new way of life for you as well! You must try to spend more quality time at home and share some of the ‘Nappy’ time with Rosy so that she does not become overly tired with the baby. She also needs a good care.

My best wishes for you, Rosy and your little daughter.

Yours truly,


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