Sample Library Fundraising Letter

Mr. Romeo Santos


Met Radar Inc,

Megan’s Pl,

El Paso, Texas,


March 20, 2012


Dear Mr. Santos,

I am writing on behalf of the Martha’s Library, located in the old city area of the city

For decades, our library has been a place that serves students & other people in the society with a large number of books on a variety of subjects.

Our library has a wide collection of books, magazines, and other reading materials and we update it regularly. It has been serving people of all ages and groups since years.

Our library has books that are very useful for researchers, scholars and people in academic professions. Young children come to our library for comic books, story books etc., and old age people also come to our place for reading. So, we have been useful for everyone around for decades and people really like this place a lot.

However, presently most of our books are in very poor condition as they have been in our collection since years.

Now, we want to purchase new books and replace the old ones, and we also plan for the restoration of the old books that are not available anywhere. But, our budget does not allow us to go ahead with this plan.

We are approaching people to raise funds for our new project. We know about the past deeds of your company and this is why, we are writing in to you for some donation.

It would be very grateful of you, if you could contribute to this good cause for the society.

You can reach us at – 519-256-4785 for any queries.

Thank you


Martin Andrews

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