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Mr. Dixon Vaughn

Senior Manager – Operations

David & Peters Inc.,

Abigail St,

Worcester, Massachusetts -52634


Dear Mr. Vaughn,

As we have had communications with you in the past and, you must know about our group and its activities.

Now, we are planning to help many other foundations across the city that are involved in providing care for the needy and poor. We are forming a new N.G.O for this purpose.

We are mainly helping groups that are working for underprivileged children and homeless old people. We are also interested in groups that are working for the refugees.

So, we will be working with different groups to provide with food, clothes and shelter for the street children, old people and refugees.

And, to fulfill these noble causes, we are appealing to all the major businesses to contribute to our new N.G.O. We are requesting you to extend your support for helping the needy people around you.

As our warm thank you, we will display your company hoardings at our premises and also at all our events. And, if you buy membership in our foundation, we will do the continuous promotion of your business through our pamphlets etc.

We really thank you for your consideration to our new project and we look forward for your continuous help in the future.


We wait for your positive repose


Richard Cole

[Help for Everyone]

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