Sample Workshop Fundraising Letter


David Harris

254, Pink Residency, Old Rd,

Pasadena, Texas – 45263


April 30, 2012


Dear Mr. Harris,

We are a group of theater enthusiasts who want to share our knowledge with the other aspiring artists.

Performing theater is really a difficult, but rewarding work. Theater is an interesting way that not only entertains people, but also helps you spread your messages to the society.

One can express their feelings, ideas and pass on life lessons to the audience and it really leaves a mark on the people’s mind.

We are planning a fee workshop on theater – an opportunity to interested people who don’t have money, but want to learn and develop their skills in theater.

And, to support this free workshop, we are raising funds from different sources. We hope that you like to help others in the society and would like to contribute for this great cause.

Thank you for your time and we hope for your support.



Ms. Carolyn Marshall

Manager – New Method Arts

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