Samole Inaccurate Credit Report General Letters

Request To Amend Misleading/Inaccurate Credit Report


[Company Name & Address]

Dear [NAME],

I am very sure that you work to provide correct information for credit reports to your clients.

It is for this reason that I am concerned regarding your credit reference for our firm.

– [State Discrepancies here] –

For ex. – In your report to our client, you mentioned that we didn’t pay accounts of our business associates, but our ledger books state that we were never late for payments and we paid in full to all our associates. Also, according to your report, our date of merger is [wrong date here], which is wrong – the correct date is [date here].

So, please update your records and issue a new copy of our credit report to me. I would really appreciate your fast action on this request.




[Company Name]

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