Sample Excuse Jury Duty General Letters

Excuse from Jury Duty, #2


[Company Name & Address]

Dear [NAME],

I am [name here], employer of [person name], who was requested by you to serve as juror.

– [State here reasons on behalf of your employee that why he/she can’t come for jury duty] –

I would like to say that as our office secretary, Mr. [name of the person concerned] is an important employee of our firm.

He/she handles different kinds of jobs in our office. We totally rely on him/her for a number of daily office works. He/she also attends the visitors in our office and goes out in the field when required.

So, as he/she has so many responsibilities on his/her shoulders in our office, we are unable to relieve him/her for the jury duty.

Moreover, we are a small business, so we cannot pay him during his leave. And, you must be aware of his/her financial status.

I hope that you will understand the situation of [Name], and you will excuse him of the jury duty.

You can contact me at my number [no. here].



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