Sample Job Offer Request Higher Salary General Letters

Negotiation of Job Offer Request Higher Salary


[Company Name & Address]

Dear [NAME],

I am happy to receive this offer to join your prestigious company, [Company name]. I see this job profile very demanding, but it is crafted according to my abilities

I am very confident that I can contribute to the success of this company. I believe that we can form a mutually-beneficial agreement.

After coming to know more about [company name], now I have a clear understanding that where and how I can use my knowledge and skills for the profits of this company.

As I am highly confident with my knowledge, experience and abilities to work for the advantage of your company, I request you that we discuss the compensation again.

– State your expected remuneration here –

I will be delighted to accept this job offer with a 5% commission for the sales through my division.  I believe that it is very reasonable, and I am also assured that I will satisfy you with the results.

You can call me at [number] to have a conversation.

I look forward to your response.



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