Sample Law Firm Retainer General Letters

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Law Firm Retainer




[Company Name & Address]


Dear [NAME],


Sub. – ‘Terms of Engagement for Legal Services’


We are delighted that you have chosen us for your legal matters. We will work with you with full dedication and resources to help you in an efficient manner. In our team, we have competent professional who are highly educated and well trained to provide you the best quality services. We will be staying in touch with you regarding the proceeding of the concerned matter.


This communication is to talk about the terms & conditions about our services and discuss other issues.


Please review this correspondence carefully and reply us with any doubts or suggestions you may have.


1. Range of our work – We will work on your case(s) in an appropriate manner and will perform the legal procedures that in our view, meet your requirements and your benefit. We may seek your instructions in writing. We expect regular communication from you to make sure that we fulfill your requirements.


2. Fees – We charge our clients with preset rates for lawyers, clerks and legal assistants. These rates are reviewed on annual basis and generally change on January 1 of each year. We will work with you on these terms & conditions. Although, this is our company’s usual process, however, at times, we may bill you more or less than the usual rates and these rates will be intimated to you.



Apart from the billing for lawyers, clerks and legal assistants, we may also bill you for witness fees, search, findings and transcriptions and investigations, court fees, telephone and fax costs, photocopies, couriers, and any other kind of service that is used while handling your case.


We will send bills to you on monthly basis, and expect imbursement, no later than one month from the billing date. If our account is not paid within this duration, then, as per our policy, we will discontinue working on your case.


3. Retainers – As per our policy, we first obtain a retainer fee from our client. This fee is used for the payment of your account and other expenditure made on your behalf. When we send bills to our client, we use their retainer account with us to disburse the outstanding bills and, when we receive payments from your side, it is used to re-establish the retainer account to its original sum. And, once the case is completed, we refund the unused amount of the retainer fund to you. If the retainer account is not restored within 30 days, then we may stop working on your case.


4. Communication – We will always keep in touch with you regarding the developments in your case, we will seek your participation and your suggestions about the proceedings. We keep transparency in our communication with our clients. If you call our lawyers for questions other than usual (e.g. development of your case), we would advice you to call the secretary of the concerned lawyer as we don’t charge for the time of the secretaries. Please note that any opinions of ours regarding the result of your case are based on our professional judgments, but we don’t guarantee anything. And, staffs like clerks, legal assistants and secretaries are not authorized to opine about any kind of case.




We look forward to help you in an efficient manner for your legal needs.







[Your Name]




I (we) have read the abovementioned and completely understand the terms and conditions, and agree to these terms and conditions.



Dated: ________________________, 20__





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