Sample Arranging Tax Payment Plan letter

501, Apple Valley,


22 May, 2012

<Address of the Recipient>

Dear <Name of the Recipient>,

<I/We> <was/were> stunned to see that <my/our> federal income tax debt for the tax year <year> came out to a total of <$amount>. With <my/our> regular expenditures, <I/We> cannot afford to shell out this entire tax debt in a single payment.

Therefore, <I/We> <am/are> would like to inquire if a payment schedule can be organized to pay off this debt amount. <details of plan>. This plan would get the debt paid while allowing <me/us> to avoid an excruciating financial trouble.

Please contact <me/us> with your approval of this plan, or to discuss the details. Thank you for your time and understanding. I look forward to your reply.
Kind Regards,

<Name of the sender>

Encl: <Mention enclosed items>

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