Sample Employee Has Missed Several Key Meetings Letter

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Employee Has Missed Several Key Meetings

To          –      [Individual/Group Name]

From      –      [Sender Name]

Date       –      […..]


Subject –       Absence in Meetings


[Employee name], I know that you are a sincere & hard working employee of our organization. I value your ides & suggestions.

No doubt, you are a true asset of our company and have contributed a lot.

However, I am disappointed that you often do not attend the meetings and, in the past two months, you were not present for at least [no. of meetings missed] meetings and most of these were highly important meetings.

You missed all these meetings –

–          [List here the missed meetings] –

As you know that at such meetings, we want participation & input from all our [Managers or other title] to discuss the different issues & make important decisions for our business. It is a team work, and participation from all our key staff is required to make a meeting successful.

So, I want you to attend all future meetings in our company.

[Employee name], I hope you will attend every important meeting and will make your contribution.



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