Sample Warning 1 Bad Behavior Letter

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Warning #1: Bad Behavior

To          –      [Individual/Group Name]

From      –      [Sender Name]

Date       –      […..]


Subject   –      [State Bad Behavior Nature of employee]


We would like to say that we value you as an important part of our organization. We know that you really work hard for this company. You are a dedicated and sincere employee. However, I have come to know that you [State here the nature or incident].

For instance – I was told that on [date], you misbehaved with one of our major clients, [Client name]. At first I didn’t believe what I heard, but unfortunately, everything reported was found true.

I am shocked that how can a responsible employee like you can do this. I can understand that due to the workload, sometimes it becomes very difficult for you to manage things, but still you should remember that customers are our main priority. We just cannot afford to annoy our happy customers. We have a very long business relationship with this client, and you just didn’t care about our business relationship

This small incident can eliminate our well established business relationship

[Employee name], it is just because of your past history in our company that I am not taking any strong action against you this time, and I hope that you will not repeat such incidents in the future.


Thanks for your understanding.

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