Sample Half Day Leave Letter

5th August 2010,

Mr. Tom,

HR Manager,

XYZ Company Inc,

New York

Dear Sir,

I am writing this to request you to grant me a half day leave on 11th January 2012, because I am purchasing new house regarding that I have an appointment with real estate agent. There are a lot of issues I need to discuss with the agent and it may take two to three hours to complete the meeting. The meeting has been fixed a week back and I can not ask him to postpone or cancel as it is important for me. To complete the formalities and finalize them with the owner I need to present there and its necessary.

I am requesting you to grant me a leave for half day so that I can finish my work regarding purchase of my house. I will be available on my cell phone for any queries regarding work. Please grant me a leave and oblige.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


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1 renju 11.05.12 at 3:10 am

i want half day leave how to wright my boss

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