Sample Military Leave Letter

17th October 2012,

Mr. Shane Cooper,

11th Avenue,

UK Army Head Quarters,


Respected Sir,

Warm greetings! I, Richmond White of 10th regiment, commander-in-chief, serving the Army of United states would like to apply for a leave of 10 days i.e. from 1st November to 10th November 2012, as it has been nearly two years that I haven’t visited my family in London. The main purpose of my visit is to see my ill father. I received a letter from my family doctor stating that my father is diagnosed with cancer and it is in last stage. At this critical stage, he needs some love, care and compassion from his only child.

As a responsible son, it forms my duty to pay a visit to my father and see what I can do make him happy and cheerful in his last days. Hence, I request you to grant me leave for 10 days. I will be very thankful to you, if you will grant my plea.

Yours Sincerely,

Richmond White


10th regiment,

Army of United Kingdom

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