Sample Business Memo Format Letter


Staff Members of Simplicity Limited


Ohio, US-976859


Collins Peterman

General Manager


Subject: Appointment of Bentley Lawn as Team Leader

Further to my announcement, I am happy to inform you all that Mr. Bentley Lawn will be joining our company as a Team Leader from 11.07.2012. Thus, I want to make sure that the team and the project details are arranged for him to study about the company standards and values.

Also, it would be appreciating if he is getting all the necessary help and support from the company. Bentley will also be verifying some of the technically related issues. Therefore, I would like to see a timely and accurate result from the company staffs during the process.

I am also requesting the details about the necessary arrangements and files that should be submitted to Bentley. The company and staff should also join me for wishing Bentley good wishes.

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